Leave management has never been so easy. Anyone who has applied for leave knows the frustration of form-filling – and waiting as the hard copy travels up and down the approval hierarchy. Paybooks has a simple and user friendly interface that gives management and employees immediate and transparent access to leave entitlements. Paybooks users can view past leave history, current leave balances and pending leave applications. Managers get an email when a new leave request is made and can login and quickly view resource availability on the team calendar and authorize leave requests or simply approve/reject the application from the email itself without any logon. Paybooks offers fully featured flexible multi-location based settings normally found in enterprise class applications.

Paybooks eliminates the need for paperwork and excel sheets in managing employee data and leave requests. Once an employee has viewed his or her leave balances on their online calendar they can plan and place a leave request by simply selecting the leave type, start and end dates and place a leave request. The request would go as an email to the manager in the preset approval path. Paybooks allows companies to have custom location based settings for departments, teams, holidays, job titles and employee types and to set leave types and approval paths at each level including at individual employee level. Managerial reports can be run at all levels.

Accrual rules and policies can be set easily at different levels – company, location/branch or department or even based on job title.

Paybooks enhances employee satisfaction by speeding up the workflow of leave requests and helps management plan resource availability. The HR department gets quick and easy online access to employee data and can set leave policies in compliance with company HR policies.

Paybooks, with its powerful features –

  • cuts out the physical movements,
  • enables on-the-spot approval/rejection decisions by managers, 
  • sends auto email notifications, 
  • enables decisions on the email without logon, 
  • enables applicant and approver to view leave history and balances
  • updates leave records automatically
  • supports multi leave rules – sandwich rule, min and max instance, carry over rule, lapse rule,  encashment, min service records, max allowable balances and many more
  • enables reporting manager to view calendar with reportee leave status

Paybooks  can be configured to automatically sync with your biometric/time machine and can provide a seamless integration to help you manage time and attendance data without a sweat.