Profession Tax (PT) might not be getting calculated for employees under below mentioned 5 scenarios:

1. Incorrect date of birth – PT is not applicable for senior citizens. So, please check that Date of Birth of employees is updated correctly.


2. PT Component not allocated to employee – PT will get calculated only if the PT component is allocated in the salary structure of employees. So, please check that the PT component is allocated to employees in Salary Master


3. Location not mapped correctly – Please check if the location is mapped correctly by navigating to Employee Master > Official Details


4. State not mapped correctly to Location – Please check that the State is mapped correctly to Location by navigating to Payroll Settings > Locations. If it is mapped correctly, please check whether that State has PT slabs according to norms of state.


5. PT component not configured correctly – Please check that the PT component is configured correctly by navigating to Payroll Settings > Salary Components and checking below conditions

a. Pay Type should be Statutory Component

b. Calculation Type should be Slab Wise


Please check all above conditions and re-run payroll to check PT calculations.