This can be done in two ways:


1. During Bulk Import of New Employees (for New Joinees)

a. Go to Employees >> Ensure “Master” tab is selected

b. There is a tab “Add Employee” at the right corner of the screen, please click the down arrow and select “Import New Joinees”

c. This will direct you to a new screen. Please click “Download Template here” tab and an excel Template gets downloaded.

d. In the last column (AZ column) of the “Employee” tab, please update “Y” against all those Employees for whom PF should be restricted.

e. Upload this Template at the same path from where it was downloaded.


2. To alter PF Restriction for Existing Employees

a. Go to Employees >>> More >>> Employees >> Click on the “Import PF Status” under “Others” table.

b. A new screen is opened up and click on “Export” tab.

c. An excel Template is opened up; please update either “Y” or “N” under the “Emp_PF_Restricted” column (Column D) against the Employees having restriction and not having restriction respectively.

d. Once done, please upload this Template in the same path from where it was downloaded.