Step 1:

Go to Reports >> Statutory >> TDS >> IT-Form 24Q >> click on Download FVU button, this will take you to tin-nsdl website.

Here download ‘’e-TDS FVU.exe (version 5.5)’’ OR download any latest versions available, unzip the downloaded file and double-click on “TDS_STANDALONE_FVU_5.5” windows batch file

Step 2:

For validation please follow the below steps:

  • In TDS / TCS Input File Name with Path: Browse & select the TDS file generated from Reports >> Statutory >> TDS >> IT-Form 24Q >> click on Create Text File button
  • In Challan Input File Name with Path: Select CSI file which is downloaded  from  website
  • In Error/Upload and Statistics Report File Path: Select a folder where Error, Statistics Report, FVU file should be saved after validating.
  • Click on Validate to generate FVU file

Step 3:

Submission of Statements at TIN Facilitation Centers (TIN-FCs):

a. Please refer following URL to locate address details of TIN-FCs nearby you.

b. Please submit “.FVU” file validated through latest File Validation Utility (FVU) in a CD/Pen Drive.

c. Please submit duly signed physical Form 27A generated by FVU.