Step 1: 

Reimbursement settings

Go to payroll settings >> Configure rule >> Addon modules >> Click on Reimbursement. 

A) Reimbursement claims window (Optional)

  • Select the date range to setup the claims window 

Example: To restrict the employees to submit the claims within the date range.

B) Enable direct claim (Optional)


  • Tick on the check box to enable to direct claim


Example: If the option is ticked as a Direct claim, the approval will trigger directly to Final approver, so the Reporting manager will not receive approval notification. 


  • When the same is Unticked as Standard workflow 

Two-line approval “Employee >> Finance approver”


Example: The workflow will be from “Employee >> Reporting manager >> Finance approver”


C) Click on Save button to complete the Step 1 Configuration.

Step 2: - 

How to add Reimbursement component (Expense head)

To create a reimbursement component for travel reimbursement, food reimbursement etc. which is paid over an above employees’ salary. Refer the below path to create the same.

Go to Payroll settings >> Salary Component >> click on New.


Transport Reimbursement



Paid Component

Yes (if you don’t want to show this component in payslips then do not check the box)

Pay Type


Tax Status


Calculation Type


Map To


Round off Value

Nearest to INR 1/-

Component Type


Is FBP component


Attendance Dependent


Part of CTC




Is an FFS component


Pay allocation: - Once the component is created, in the same page you can allocate the component.

Go to Payroll Settings >> Salary Components and click on Pay Allocation.


Hyperlink for your information: -

Step 3: - 

How to configure Finance Manager for Reimbursement workflow?

A) Role mapping


The Finance Manager should be mapped in Role Mapping and screen permissions should be given accordingly.



To Map Role: Employee >>Employee Configure >>Role Mapping >> Select the role >> update the employee code >>Apply.


Example: Map Finance or HR for Finance approval


To provide Screen permissions: Go to Employees >> More >> Under Payroll access >> Click on Screen permission >> Select the role type as Finance >> And give the permissions.


B)Reimbursement Finance Mapping


In this page, Location Wise Finance Approver for Reimbursement (Spend management) can be assigned.


Reimbursement applications from employees would be routed to Finance Manager once First Reporting Manager approves the reimbursement requests.


Below are the steps are given to map finance manager:


Go to Transactions >> click on Assign Reimbursement Approver


  • Select the Locations, from the right-hand side box
  • Select Role as Finance and Name of the Person from the drop-down
  • And click on Assign button.



1. Workflow of approvals depends on the configuration. Two types of workflows can be configured.

a. Applier >> Reporting Manager >> Finance Manager

b. Applier >> Finance Manager

2. To see the Finance approver name in the drop-down, ensure the Finance role is mapped to the users under Employee Roles.


Step 4: 

Final approval process in Finance login

A.Go to Transactions >> Under spend management >> Click on Finance approval

B.Select the Month >> Status >> Click on View/Edit >> 

C.The Finance manager can approve the amount based on the bills summited by the employee.

Step 4:

Process Reimbursement 

Note: Once the approval process completed, refer the below process to settle the claims from admin portal.

Go to Transactions >> Under spend management >> Click on process reimbursement. 

  • Select the date range 
  • Select the drop-down fields (Optional) 
  • Click on View 
  • Select the Transfer type (Bank Transfer/Cash)
  • Select the employee and Click on Process 


Note: When the option is selected as Bank Transfer/Cash, you will get a separate report for each Type. 

Step 5:

To view the status of reimbursement claims details. 

  • Select the Date range 
  • Select the drop-down fields (Optional) 
  • Click on view to get the claims details report.

Step 6:

Bank statement/Cash statement of reimbursement

To credit the claims amount to the employees you can generate the bank statement. 

Go to Reports >> Reimbursement >> Click on Bank statement / Cash statement