You can make changes to the Location of an employee. Location change will impact statutory payments like Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund etc. 

When changing the location, you also have the option to change the Designation, Department and Cost Center. 

On the Home page, click “Transactions”. 


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Under Core HR, click Location Change”. 


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Enter the Employee Code/Name 

Select the Month from the drop down -The month should be the current processing month. 

Work days – For example if you have changed the location of the employee, you need to enter the number of days in the “Work Days”. Based on the number of days the PT will be calculated accordingly for the new location. 


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And the data is saved successfully. 

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Click on “List” 

The list of employees for whom the changes were done will be displayed. 

Click “View/Delete” to make further changes / delete the record. 

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