All Reimbursements claimed should be approved by the Reporting Manager and then the Finance Manager for further processing and payment. 

The first step to be done is Role Mapping so that you provide the permissions accordingly. 

A) Role mapping 


To Map the Role Go to TransactionsàSecurity, Access RightsàMap RoleàWorkflowàMap Rolesà enter employee code >> Click Apply. 


Example: Map Finance or HR for Finance approval 

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To provide Screen permissions: 

Go to TransactionsàSecurity, Access RightsàPermission àWorkflowà

Set Permissionsà Select the role type as Finance à Provide the permissions from the drop-down. 


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B) Reimbursement Finance Mapping 


Here we can assign the Location Wise Finance Approver for Reimbursement. 


Reimbursement applications from employees would be routed to Finance Manager once First Reporting Manager approves the reimbursement requests. 


Below are the steps given to map the Finance manager: 


On the Home Page click “Transactions” 

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Click Reimbursement under Spend, Loan Management 



Click “Assign Reimbursement Approver” under “Configure”. 


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Select the Locations, from the right-hand side box. 

Select Role as Finance and Name of the Person from the drop-down. 

Click “Assign.” 

You can also unassign an “Assigned Location” by checking the Location box and clicking “Unassign”. 

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1. Workflow of approvals depends on the configuration. Two types of workflows can be configured. 

a. Claimant >> Reporting Manager >> Finance Manager 

b. Claimant >> Finance Manager 

2. To see the Finance approver name in the drop-down, ensure the Finance role is mapped to the users under Employee Roles.