You can pre-schedule certain reports and intimations which will be sent to the Managers/HR/Admin. eg a reminder on the upcoming birthdays/work anniversaries.

On the Home Page click “Transactions” 

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Scroll down to “Communication and Collaboration”. 

Click “Team Alerts”. 



 Click “Schedule Reports” under “Workflow. 




Click “Add New” 


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  • Upcoming Birthday Report- Birthdays of all the employees.
  • Upcoming Work Anniversary Report- Employees who have completed another year of service in the company.
  • Unapproved Leave Claim Notification Report -All pending leaves which have not been approved.
  • Upcoming Probation Completion Report. -Employees who have completed their probation. 


Select the “Type of the Alert” from the drop-down. 

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 Specify the Email recipients by selecting the appropriate persons/roles. -.  “To, “CC” and “Custom CC mails”. 

“To” to whom the emails must be sent directly.  

“CC” stands for carbon copy i.e., for whom the copy of the email must be sent.  

“Custom CC Emails” sending a copy of the email to any other person; Group ids may also be used here. 

Enter the “Trigger Type” from the drop-down. 

When to Send- You can choose either “End of the day” or “Start of the day”. 


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Choose the “Report/Alert for the period” i.e.  

  • Next Month 

  • Next Week 

  • Current Month 

  • Current Week 

  • Custom 


If the user selects next week or month, then the list of Employees whose Birthday / Work Anniversary date falls in the following week or month will be triggered.  

Enter the number of days in “Repeat after every …. day”. Based on the number of days selected a reminder will be sent. If you enter 2 days, the reminder Report will be sent once in 2 days till the mail gets triggered. 

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Select the field from the drop-down. The report will display the details based on the selection. 

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 Enter the “Subject. 

Type the content of the message. 

Click “Save.