The document management module helps you to store & attach relevant documents to an employee's profile. 

It helps create the names of the fields for which you wish to store information and attach scanned documents/PDFs/Images. 

On the Home page, click “Transactions”. 


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Under Core HR, click “Document Management”. 

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Under “Configure” click “Create Documents”. 

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Employee Doc: Enter the name of the document to be created like an Appointment Letter, PAN, Passport, etc. 


Show in ESS: Enabling this check box will allow the Employee to view the documents in ESS. 


Allow Edit in ESS: This option allows the employee to edit/upload the documents in ESS. 


Click “Save. 


The Document entered will reflect under Employee Document. 

Click “Update” to make any changes. 

Click “Delete” to delete the document created. 


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The next step is to go to Teams.

Under Employees click Directory.

Select the employee.

Click employee Docs.

Click View/ADD Attachment.

Choose a file and click upload.


Once you have uploaded the Documents the employee can view the same document in their ESS portal under profileàDocuments.