You have the option to override the salary of employees that the system has processed. 

The changes are not only allowed for the latest processed month but for previous months also.  


Changes made through this option, will not have any impact on statutory deductions, salary already paid to employees, or any other reports. 


On the Home page, click “Payroll.” 


Scroll down to “Utilities.” 

Click on “Edit Payslips.” 




Select the Month. 

Enter the “Employee Code/Name”. 

You can edit the following Department, Designation, Cost Centre,  and Branch by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down.








You can override individual Earnings or Deductions and NetAmounts

Please ensure that if there is any change in Earnings or Deductions, you should change the Net Amount also. 



Note: Number of working days’ and ‘Worked Days’ fields will not be visible to users ifthey have opted for the Leave Management module . 


Branch and Bank Account numbers cannot be edited, if the payroll is already processed.





Once you have updated the required changes, click “Save”.