On the home page click on the settings icon on the right-hand side. 


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Click “Configure Rules”. 

Click “Addon Modules”. 



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Click “Reimbursement”. 

Select the date range to set up the claims window. This is to restrict the employees from submitting the claims within the date range. 

Check the box “Process Reimbursements along with Payroll” if the reimbursements need to be paid along with Salary. 


Check the check box “Enable Direct Claim” to enable to direct claim. 


Example: If this option is enabled, then the approval notification will be directly triggered to the Final approver, and the Reporting manager will not receive the approval notification.  


If the box is unchecked, then the Standard workflow will be followed i.e. 


Example: The workflow will follow “Employee >> Reporting manager >> Finance approver” 


Validate Bill of Previous Claims: Enabling this option will validate the bill No and the type of component previously submitted. To prevent duplicate claims, the system will not allow you to submit the same bill number twice for the same expense component. 


In ESS when the employee tries entering the same bill number under the same component a second time, the system will display the message- “Already you have claimed the expense with the same bill number”. 


Click “Save”. 



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