New Hires can be added individually or in bulk.

To onboard or add the new hires in bulk, follow the below steps:

On the Home page, click on “Team”. 




Scroll down to “Employees”

Click on “Onboard”. 



Click on the arrow key next to Onboard. 



Click “Download template here” to generate an Excel template with all necessary fields available in the employee master. 

Check the box "Calculate new joinee arrears" to calculate the arrears for employees who have joined between the month or the previous month before the payroll cut-off.



Go to the Instruction sheet to read the steps to be followed to enter employee details.  


As per the instructions, navigate to each sheet like Employee, Pay, Leave, and UDF to enter the relevant details. 


Save the file to the local hard drive. 


To know more about the fields, check the details mentioned below by clicking here.



Please note the following while uploading the Master file: 

Do not delete any columns and do not change the format of the generated Excel file. 


As per the generated template enter the necessary data and leave the column blank if you don’t have the data. Please don’t mention “NA” or “Unknown”. 


For the fields marked in “red color” please enter the data which is mandatory. 

Under the confirmation period enter the number of months (e.g. 6), don’t enter the  

confirmation date. 


Under “Pay breakup sheet” enter “A” for the formula-based components and “NA” if not applicable. 


Ensure the DATE format is in DD/MM/YYYY and it should be in English (UK) format. 

Ensure the EMPLOYEE CODE is not assigned to more than one employee record.


Please ensure all the master details like Department, Designation, Location, Bank, etc should be taken from the drop-down provided /from the details provided in the "Help" sheet. The format and the name should match to the details provided in the sheet.



File Import 


Select the month from the drop-down. 


Click on “Choose file”. 


Click on “Import”. 


Check the box- “Calculate Special Allowance”. 

If the CTC components are formula based, then the balance amount will be automatically updated as a Special allowance.



Once Import is updated, Click  “Close”. 



And your employees are imported successfully.



If there are any errors in the upload, the same will be mentioned. You can rectify the details and re-upload.

Information on the fields

On the Page

 Code(*): Enter the Employee Code/ID/Number.

        PS: To auto-generate the code, pls follow the below steps

        Go to Payroll Settings >> Configure Rules >> Setup rules 

        Check the box" Generate Employee code automatically". 

        Enter Code Format

Name (*): Enter the name as per Official Records. 

Gender (*)Select the appropriate Gender from the drop-down. This has an impact on various calculations. 

Date of Birth(*): Enter the correct Date of Birth as per the official records.

Email ID(*)Ensure the correct email address, as all mail communications from the system, will be sent to this mail id. 

Exclude from payroll: Enable this option if the employee needs to be excluded from Payroll. Excluding the employee means the employee will not appear in the headcount report. Eg: the Director is not part of the salary but is required to have a login to review the payroll info. This option has to be enabled if the employee is a reporting manager and excluded from Payroll. 

Is Reporting Manager: Check this box if the employee is a Reporting Manager.

Photo: Employee photos can be uploaded here and only image files are allowed


Personal Details

Address(*), State(*), and Emergency No(*), are the mandatory fields here that should be updated.

 Is Metro: Enter Yes or No. If an employee is working in a metro city i.e., Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai & Chennai. Note: House Rent Allowance (HRA) will be calculated based on the configuration.

    Employees who are working in Metro cities will get an exemption limit of 50% on HRA and  Employees who are working other than in Metro cities will get an exemption limit of 40% on HRA.

PAN: Permanent Account Number has to be updated, as this would reflect in the 24Q report which is filed quarterly to the IT department.

 The rest of the fields are self-explanatory to enter the details.


Official Details

Joining date(*) Enter the DOJ in the dd/mm/yyyy format. 

Confirmation Period(*): The number of months to be entered based on the configuration in the company profile

Branch(*): Enter the appropriate Branch/Location, as this is dependent on various configurations and salary calculations.

Payment Mode(*), Bank a/c number(*), Bank Name, IFSC Code, and Bank to be paid from(*), are the fields related to the employee bank account. This should be updated in order to fetch Bank Statement Report.

Note: Bank A/c No, Bank Name, IFSC Code, and Bank to be paid from, can be left blank if the Payment Mode is Cheque/Cash,


 I Reporting Manager, II Reporting Manager, and Mail Id: RM can be mapped in these fields. For more info refer to Assign Manager.

Is a reporting manager: Select this option to mark the employee as Reporting Manager, who can approve/reject leaves/reimbursement.

Enable ESS: Enable this option to give employee self-service login to employees.

Increment Date, Resignation Date, and Last working Date: These fields would automatically be updated if Salary Revision and Resignation details are entered.

The rest of the fields are self-explanatory to enter the details.

Select the list of values from the drop-down list where it is applicable.

Note: The fields which have a list of values in the drop-down should have been created already. You can create the same in Settings>>Create Masters.  

Note: Fields prefixed with an asterisk [*], are the mandatory fields that should be filled, else system would not allow users to save employee records.



The list of UDF created in Configure tab will get displayed in the employee profile. Refer help manual – User Defined Fields

Users can fill in the values in the created fields.


PF&ESI: Provident Fund (PF) and Employee State Insurance (ESI)

If Employee has PF enter “Yes” if PF is applicable 

If  Employee has ESI enter “Yes” if ESI is applicable to the employee and enter ESI number


Leave Details

All the leave types created in the Leave Master will get displayed. Select only those which are applicable to an employee and enter Opening Balance and the system would calculate the figures of Accrued Leave days against each leave type based on the configuration.


Salary Details

 CTC (annual): Enter the amount of Annual CTC (Cost To Company).

 FBP: Enter the Flexi Benefit Plan amount, if FBP is applicable in the salary structure.

 Variable Pay: Enter the Variable Pay amount.

 Template: Select the appropriate template, if the template-wise salary structure is defined.

 Display CTC-Based Components: Select this check box to filter out only CTC-Based Components i.e., only Part of CTC components.

 Calculate: Click on Calculate button after entering amounts in the salary components in the grid.

 Difference Amount: Any difference in salary breakup comparing the CTC, would reflect in this field.


Document Management

The list of documents configured in the master setup will get displayed in this tab. Add / View attachments by clicking against each document type. Refer to this link for more info on Document Management.