The Dashboard displays the visual summary of the payroll data that was processed in the latest month. 


Payroll Summary 

The first visual data is the payroll summary of the latest processed month. It gives the details of the Salary paid till date. 



You will be able to view the number of employees processed. You can view the names of all the employees by clicking on “VIEW ALL”. 

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Quick Links 


You have an option for a single click access. You can directly access the following features without have to go to the respective menus. 

Quick Links 


Compliance Reports 

You can view your Statutory Reports of the previous payroll month. 

The 4 reports available are: 

  • TDS Report 

  • PT Summary 

  • ESI Monthly Return 

  • PF Report 


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Click on any specific report, for e.g., TDS Report 

You can select the month. 


Different Criteria like Job type, Department, Cost Centre etc 

You can either view or Export the Report  

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You can follow the same process for all the other Compliance Reports.