To ensure the smooth processing of the FBP claims, we need to ensure that there is a cut-off date for the claims to be updated in ESS so that it does not affect the FBP payout.


We need to lock the FBP claim process so that there are no further claims.


On the Home Page click “Transactions”. 


Scroll down to Spend, Loan Management.    

Click “Flexible Benefits. 




  Click on “Lock FBP Claims” Under “Workflow”. 

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You need to first ensure that all the FBP claims are processed.

Select the “Month” from the drop-down.

Enable the checkbox under the “Process Lock” column.

Only on the completion of the “Process Lock” the FBP can be processed for payment.


Click," Close" then click "Save" to initiate the opening of the following FBP month.




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