Generally, the FBP for existing employees starts at the beginning of the FY. In case employees opt for FBP in the middle of the FY or if an employee joins mid-year, the FBP date can be set which will be the effective date from when the FBP is applicable.

On the Home Page click “Transactions”.

Scroll down to “Spend, Loan Management”.

Click “Flexible Benefit”.


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Click “Set FBP Effective Date” under “Configure”.


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Select the following from the drop-down.

  • Status - All/ Locked/Unlocked. 
    1. Locked – If the Status is locked, it will not allow the employee to declare/update the FBP declaration.  
    2. Unlocked – If the Status is unlocked, it will allow the employee to declare/update the FBP declaration.
    3. Pl note, once the declaration is completed, you need to lock the status.
  • Location
  • Department.
  • Level

You can select a specific employee by entering the Employee Code/Name.

Or check the box “All Employees”.

Select the “FBP Effective Month” from the drop-down.  

Pl Note: if the employee is a mid-month joinee, the FBP values will be prorated accordingly.

To prorate the FBP, ensure that the “Prorate New Joinee FBP” is enabled.  Follow the below path to enable:

Payroll Settings >> Configure Rules >> Addon Modules >> FBP >> Prorate new Joinee FBP

Click “View”.

Click “Apply”.



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Please Note:

The effective date cannot be set for those employees for whom the increment is processed in the current month. These employees will be highlighted in yellow. 

You need to send a request to the Support Team to set the FBP effective date for the highlighted employees. For the contact details, click here.

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If you want to search for a specific set of employees, you can enter the Employee code separated by a comma in the box “Employee Code”.

You have the option to upload in bulk, click “Import”.

Click “Download Template here”.

Update the details and save it to the local drive.

Click “Choose File”.

Click “Import”.



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