Reimbursement is the amount paid to you in lieu of expenses incurred due to a company project/assignment. You should produce the required bills and receipts. It is not part of the compensation or salary.

To claim reimbursements, follow the below steps:

On the homepage click the “Expense” icon under “Apply New” 


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  1. Update the Purpose

  1. Select the Cost Centre

  • Enter Project Name
  • Select the Expenses Head.
  • Select the From Date to To date (as per the Bill) 
  • Update the Bill Number 
  • Update the Amount
  • Update the Description 
  • Attach the Bills 
  • Click “Apply”


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On completion of the expense claim, an email notification will be sent to the Reporting manager for approval. You will receive an email notification with the status of Approval / Rejection of the request.

Also please note that you can claim more than one expense in the same claim by clicking the "+" icon.


You can also view the details of the approval/rejection on the right-hand side under “Notifications”.

Please note:

  • All the claims should have supporting proof as per the Company policy. You should attach the soft copy of the same in the attach option and the formats of the file attached should be jpg,.jpeg,.bmp,.gif,.png,.pdf,.csv.

  • The file uploaded should not be password protected.

  • The file name should not contain any special characters and the maximum size of the file should be less than 2 MB.

  • To upload more than one supporting document for a claim, please ensure to zip the documents and upload the same.