You have the option to import the leave request of your employees in the following cases:

  • When you have pending requests from your previous payroll system or you are uploading the leave requests into the Paybooks payroll system for the first time-legacy data.
  • When the employee is unable to apply for leave in ESS. Then you, as the admin, can update the leave request on behalf of the employee.

To import Leave Requests:


On the Home Page click “Transactions”.  

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Scroll down to Utilities.  


Click “Legacy Data”.   


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Click “Import Leave Request” Under “Import”.


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Click “Generate Template”.

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Update the details in the Excel file.


Enter the following:

  • Sl. No

  • Employee “Code” 

  • Employee “Name” 

  • Leave Abbreviation of the leave request. E.g.- Sick Leave (SL) Earned Leave (EL) Loss of Pay (LOP)

  • From Date and To Date of the leave.

  • Remarks


You also have the option to enter half-day leave.

Please Note:

For half-day leave, the 'From Date' and 'To Date' fields should match, and the same date should be entered in the 'Half day' column."

When half-day leave extends across two days, update the dates individually for each half-day portion.

E.g.: For half-day leave spanning two days, such as 6th December (second half) and 7th December (first half), create separate entries for each half-day. Enter 06/12/2023 in the 'From Date' and 'To Date' fields for the first half, and 7/12/2023 for the second half."

Save the file to the local drive.


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Click “Choose file” and then click “Import”.

On importing, the request leave details will be displayed.

Click “Save” to process the request.

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