To increase employee delight by felicitating an employee with special wishes on Birthdays and Work Anniversaries and providing alerts on attendance and leave, we at Paybooks have come up with the latest feature. - “Alerts”.




The alerts are sent to Employees, HR, Admin, ATT-Admin, and Manager Roles. 


Based on every category configuration, an alert is triggered to that specific employee of the day and copied to all employees as information for them to extend their respective wishes/greetings.


The Alert feature has different categories/options as mentioned below:

1: Birthday Wishes / Greetings: Based on the Date of Birth in the official records, an email will be triggered. 


2: Wishes on Work Anniversary: Based on the Date of Joining in the official records, an email will be triggered.


3: Unapproved Leave Claim Notification: An alert will be triggered on the leaves that are not approved by the manager.


4: Attendance Sync Failure: An email alert will be triggered to the specified person, if the attendance is not synced to the application for more than 2 days (the number of days is configurable) provided the User uses Biometric integration.


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