Form 24Q is a tax form filed by employers to report the salary paid to employees and the Tax Deducted at Source TDS. It is filed quarterly. 

In essence, it's a way for employers to declare to the Indian Income Tax Department how much tax they have collected from their employees' salaries and deposited it with the government.

On the Home Page click “Reports”.


Click “Statutory”

 Click “TDS”

Click “Income Tax- form24Q”


Select the “Branches”

Select the Quarter” from the drop-down.

Enable “Include Zero TDS Employees”. The employees for whom tax has not been deducted will be displayed.

Check the relevant boxes:

  • If there has been a change in the address from the last return or
  • Change in the address of the responsible person from the last return or
  • If the regular Form 24 Q has been filed for the previous quarter

Click “Create Excel Sheet”.


Click “Create Excel Sheet” to download the 24Q Excel sheet.

The Excel file must be converted to text format to be uploaded to generate Form 24Q.

Click “24Q Excel to Text File Conversion” from the drop-down.


Select the Quarter from the drop-down.

Click “Choose File”.

You need to upload the 24Q Excel file which was generated by clicking “Create Excel Sheet”.

Click “Convert to Text File” and the up-loadable format of Form24Q is generated.

The same must be uploaded to the Income Tax portal (Traces) to complete quarterly returns filing.