You need to update the TDS challans for generating Form 24Q and ensure that the information matches the actual tax deposited to the government.

On the Home Page click “Compliance”.    


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Click “Income Tax”.   

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Description automatically generated Click “Update TDS Challan Details” under “Process, Workflows”. 



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“Select Month” from the drop-down- for which the TDS has been remitted.

Select the Mode of Payment in the “Payment Mode” drop-down field.

Enter the BSR Code in the “Bank BSR Code” field.

Enter the Challan Number as per TDS Challan in the “Challan No” field 

Enter the tax Deposited date in the “Deposit Date” field.

Enter “Deposit Amount”, “Income tax”, “Surcharge”, “Cess”, “Interest”, “Others” and “Late filing fees” in their respective fields.

Enter the salary disbursement date in the Date of payment or credit of salary field.

Select the “Minor Head of Challan”. There are two options available:

  • “TDS Payable by Taxpayer”: Select this option for the fresh 24Q filing.

  • “TDS Regular Assessment (Raised by IT Dept)”: Select this option only in case of amendments/corrections in 24Q returns.

Enter the serial number in the “Challan as per the Running Serial Number”

After filling up all the details, click “List of Employees” to get the list of employees.


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The system displays all the employees for whom the salary is processed and highlights those without PAN.


Select the Employees by checking the box.

“Tax Amount” – will display the Income Tax which was deducted from the employees.

“Previously paid Amount” – will display the Income Tax which was already mapped with other challans.

“Adjust Amount” – will automatically display the balance amount that needs to be mapped to the current challan.   You have the option to change the tax for any particular employee before saving.


Click “Save”.

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To Import the challan details for Multiple Employees.


Click “Import”.


Select the “Year”. - Ensure you are in the correct FY.


Select “From Month” and “To Month” from the drop-down.


Choose the “Export template with”. You must select “Payroll data” to extract the actual payroll processed data. 

Click “Download Template”. 

You must update the challan details in the “Challan” sheet and 

3 columns in the “Deductee” sheet i.e., 

  • in challan as Per "Running serial no.", 
  • "Date of deposit (dd/mm/yyyy) " and 
  • Salary for the month. 

Save the file to your local drive.



Click “Choose file” select the file and click “Import”.

You will import the updated file by selecting “TDS Data”.


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